How can I claim my complete laptop protection from Flipkart?

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How can I claim my Flipkart protect?

How do you claim the Complete Mobile Protection plan? It’s simple. Call our dedicated helpline number 1800 425 365 365 and share your policy ID, after which our experts will identify the issue your phone.

What is complete laptop protection Flipkart?

Complete Laptop Protection (2 Year)

Covers all manufacturing defects, accidental and liquid damage. Guaranteed minimum exchange value of 40% within policy tenure. Enjoy free brand authorized repair at door step. Email delivery. Cover Duration.

How can I claim my Asus laptop warranty from Flipkart?

Asus claims that they will give warranty only as per serial number for products bought from Flipkart, and if the customer wants to claim warranty from the date of purchase – they have to through an approval process. Asus will approve the warranty – which is upon their discretion.

What is CMP in Flipkart?

Dubbed as Complete Mobile Protection (CMP), this will offer free brand-authorised repair or replacement of mobile phones for one year. The plan will also cover damages like breakage, liquid damage, hardware and software issues.

Can I claim warranty if screen is broken?

Does screen damage come under warranty? As accidental damage is not covered under a warranty, so screen damage is not covered under a warranty.

What is complete protection?

In line with Flipkart’s customer-focused vision, the Complete Protection plan is an extension of the successful Mobile Protection plan launched earlier to offer a 365 day complete post-purchase solution with personalized door-to-door service for consumers.

How do I claim Jeeves mobile protection?

The whole claim process is online. Under this, the buyer needs to call the company’s numbers 1800 425 5568 or 080-25187326. The request can also be made by writing an email to this address – After this, Flipkart will send a self-assessment video link to your number.

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How does warranty work on Flipkart?

Flipkart Warranty Assistant offers complete protection against any defect or breakdown for 1 year till manufacturer’s warranty expires. With Jeeves’ expertise and reach and a hassle-free service process, you get complete peace of mind with the convenience of free doorstep pickup and drop for your device.

How can I claim warranty on Flipkart smart buy product?

For Warranty Claims or Any Product Related Issues Please Email At or Call +91 80 46609211.

What is flipkart smart upgrade plan?

How does Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan work? Add Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan along with your device ( eligible Mobile Phone or Tablet) and pay using Credit Card Credit Card EMI or Bajaj Finserv EMI Card to get an instant advance of up to 30% on your purchase.

Can you get phone insurance after purchase?

Yes, many insurance providers will allow you to insure a used cellphone. In some cases, however, you may need to go through some additional steps. For instance, AppleCare+ customers can insure their iPhones within 60 days of purchase.

Is a cracked laptop screen covered under warranty?

Broken screen is a nightmare of any portable computer owner; but, unfortunately, cracked and physically damaged screens are not covered by the warranty. Various cracks are always considered to be users fault; reason being the fact, that screens do not crack by themselves.

Is laptop screen damage covered under warranty?

The LCD glass on the display is manufactured to rigorous specifications and standards and will not typically crack or break on its own under normal use. In general, cracked, or broken glass is considered accidental damage and is not covered under the standard warranty.

How do I claim my Amazon mobile insurance?

Completely paperless and cashless repair process. No additional payment is required at the time of repair. In the event you are eligible to claim for total loss, you will be paid the applicable sum after deduction of the depreciation costs of the phone. For raising a repair request, contact Acko on: 1860 266 2258.

How do I claim warranty on my Asus laptop?

Go to the Warranty Status Inquiry page of the ASUS official website. Enter your serial number① and check the box to ASUS Privacy Policy②, then click [Submit]③.

What is the use extended warranty for laptop?

Through extended warranty, you can protect your laptop from manufacturing defects well beyond the original warranty period. By opting for this extended warranty, you can remain worry-free about the performance of your laptop even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

How do I contact Jeeves?

Jeeves Support – Call Jeeves Toll Free Number – 1800 42 525252.

What is Jeeves F1?

Jeeves & F1, both part of the Flipkart Group of companies, are among India’s largest third party neutral service providers offering comprehensive lifecycle management for various categories including Mobility, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Furniture, IT & IT Peripherals, AV & Enterprise Solutions, Lifestyle …

Is it safe to buy Asus laptop online?

Yes it is totally safe to buy Asus laptops in India, even I own one. Asus has fine customer care and after sale services, but the important thing is, you won’t require it. Asus has brilliant performance.

How can I claim warranty on Flipkart power bank?

For warranty claims or any product related issues please email at or call +91 80 46609211.

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What is domestic warranty Flipkart?

1 year domestic warranty against any manufacturing defects means in 1 year you have any problem with product so can inform you product company to repair it or replace.

How do I activate my ACKO insurance?

The plan gets automatically activated if the plan and the device are bought in the same order. If not, the plan has to be manually activated.

How do I activate my ACKO screen protection plan?

You do not need to activate Acko Screen Protection Plan separately. Your new mobile is automatically covered under the plan from its date of delivery or after 7 days from its date of purchase in case the date of delivery is not available.

What is Flipkart pay later?

Flipkart Pay Later is a payment option available on Flipkart & other partner platforms (such as Myntra). You can use this option to shop any number of times throughout the month without paying at the time of purchase and pay the total amount once or in part, or in EMI’s by the 5th of the subsequent month(s).

How can I pay my Flipkart Paylater?

To avail the Flipkart Pay Later EMI Pre-approved Credit option, all you have to do is go to your selected product page, then click on the ‘buy now’ option. On the next page, select the ‘Flipkart Pay Later EMI’ option to make your payment. Then, you have to choose the tenure and plan to continue shopping.

How much is AppleCare cost?

Here’s how the fees break down, based on the model. Note that plans that include loss and theft protection involve a $149 deductible. Standard AppleCare+: onetime fee of $199 (for 2-year coverage) or $10 per month. Standard AppleCare+: onetime fee of $149 (for 2-year coverage) or $8 per month.

What if I found my lost phone after insurance claim?

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Most cell phone insurance plans allow for canceling claims, but only within certain timeframes. Reach out to your provider as soon as possible after finding your phone. Make sure you understand your insurance policy before contacting the provider.

What is the cost to repair a laptop screen?

The laptop screen replacement cost depends on the brand and model of your laptop. The average price of a laptop screen replacement is 3000 – 6000.

Does warranty cover physical damage?

Physical damage is not covered under warranty.

Liquid spills, cracks and scratches to the screen, bezel and accessories.

How much does a HP laptop screen replacement cost?

The average HP laptop screen replacement cost in India is Rs. 4500 – 5500. Range for all HP laptops including the basic ones to the high-definition series, the HP laptop screen replacement cost in India falls between Rs. 4500 – 8000, including the labor cost and installation.

How do I claim my HP warranty?

To do so, you have to go to the Support page of the official HP website, and click on ‘HP Care Pack’. You have to then select the type of product you want to get the extended warranty for, the product family, and finally, the product series, and then click ‘submit’.

How can I check my laptop warranty?

Fortunately, most popular laptop and desktop computer brands include a simple way to check their warranty status. Simply go to the manufacturer’s website and fill out a form on their “Check Warranty Status” page with your device’s serial number or service tag number (whatever number the manufacturer requires).

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Will HP replace my laptop?

HP will, at its option, repair or replace any component or hardware product that manifests a defect in materials or workmanship during the Limited Warranty Period if HP receives notice from you, the end-user customer, of the manifestation of such a defect during the Limited Warranty Period.

Which TV gives highest warranty?

Top 10 TV with 3 Year Warranty Price List

TV with 3 Year Warranty List Latest Price Value for Money
Samsung The Frame QA65LS03BAK 65 inch 4K (Ultra HD) QLED Rs. 1,26,340 78 / 100
Samsung The Frame QA55LS03BAK 55 inch 4K (Ultra HD) QLED Rs. 89,990 76 / 100
Samsung The Frame QA50LS03BAK 50 inch 4K (Ultra HD) QLED Rs. 75,990 77 / 100

What is the meaning of panel warranty?

Solar panel equipment warranties cover the physical panels themselves. This includes any manufacturing defects, durability issues, or equipment failure. The warranty typically covers the cost of replacing the faulty or damaged panel with a new working one.

How do I claim my Amazon extended warranty?

Hence if you check your warranty period within 120 days of purchasing your phone on the 10.or Care app or by visiting a service center, you may still be communicated a 1 year warranty. Please wait till 120 days to get the extended warranty activated for your phone.

How do I claim my ACKO screen replacement?

Go to My Policies. Please login with your registered mobile number, if you are not logged-in. Select the mobile plan which covers the mobile that needs to be repaired. Click on ‘Repair Request’ on the policy detail screen & answer the following questions.

What is not included in laptop warranty?

What Isn’t Covered. If you damage or lose data, these issues aren’t covered by a laptop warranty. A laptop warranty will state clearly that any problems associated with the software aren’t covered. You won’t find coverage for theft, damage, or breakage caused by the owner in a laptop warranty, either.

Will ASUS replace my laptop?

ASUS will provide immediate repair/replacement to customer on end-users based on product’s warranty policy after product is verified by contacting ASUS authorized service provider. Note: Product must be in full packaging & without physical damage to the product.

Do I need receipt for ASUS warranty?

If You do not provide the receipt/invoice from the seller, your warranty period will be deemed to start from the manufacture date of the Product, based upon the serial number, rather than the date of purchase.

Is laptop battery covered under warranty?

Normally, laptop batteries are covered by One (1) year warranty support.

Features Standard 1 Year Warranty Battery Optional 3 Years Warranty Battery
Battery Replacement Process Replaced with standard 1-year warranty gray label battery type Replaced with 3 years warranty battery type

Who is the owner of Jeeves?

Jeeves was founded by RN Balasubramanya, Alok Sen and SL Padmanabhan in 2007. The company offers end-to-end after-sales service for over 80 product categories, including home appliances, electronics, mobile and furniture. Besides, it also offers extended warranties and protection plans on the products.

Who is Nipun Sharma?

Nipun Sharma – CEO, Jeeves & F1 (both Flipkart companies) – Flipkart | LinkedIn.

Which laptop brand is best?

So, to bring the light on brands that cater to our consumer needs, Here’s a list of the Top Brands for 2020.

  • Apple. Apple is definitely one of the luxury brands when it comes to Laptops, Smartphones, Computers and Tablets.
  • HP.
  • Lenovo.
  • Dell.
  • Acer.
  • Asus.
  • MSI.
  • Microsoft Surface.