What should I wear to a security clearance interview?

For most federal government security clearance interviews, a dark suit with a white or blue shirt or blouse is often recommended. Women should wear minimal makeup and conservative jewelry.

How do I prepare for a security clearance interview?

Security clearance interview advice

Bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or military ID card. Bring a personal address book or anything that contains contact information on your associates and family members. Bring a copy of your SF86.

What questions are asked during a security clearance interview?

Questions about experience and background

Can you tell me about your law enforcement experience? Have you ever held a security clearance before? Have you ever had access to classified or top-secret information before? What do you consider your most important technical skills?

How long does a security clearance interview take?

The next step of this security clearance process is an interview with an investigator from a government agency that grants security clearances. This interview lasts about two hours and covers many topics, such as: Why do you desire a security clearance.

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Do they interview friends for Secret clearance?

So friends may be interviewed. It honestly depends on what kind of MOS you are going in for. The more secret the material, the more likely someone will ask more people more questions about you.

What will disqualify you from getting a security clearance?

These conditions may disqualify you from access to classified information: Drug abuse. Illegal drug possession. Diagnosis of drug abuse or dependence by a medical professional.

What can cause you to fail a security clearance?

Table Of Contents

  • You Have Some Type Of Criminal Record.
  • Incomplete Application Or Missing Information.
  • Gaps In Your Employment Record.
  • Problems With Your Residency.
  • Financial Instabilities Or Problems.
  • Your Options Should You Fail Your Security Clearance.
  • Things You Need to Know.

Do references get contacted for Secret clearance?

References are less likely to be contacted for a Secret security clearance, but if there are issues, references may be contacted to verify issues. Likewise, if you’re less likely to need a personnel subject interview for a Secret clearance determination – unless there are issues an investigator needs to clarify.

How do you answer a security clearance question?

If it were me, I would explain that you fully understand the gravity of what you are asking and that you understand the need for the investigation to be complete and thorough. Then you can go on to explain how seriously you take the responsibility to properly use and protect the information that you are being given.

What are the 5 levels of security clearance?


  • 3.2.1 Controlled Unclassified.
  • 3.2.2 Public Trust Position.
  • 3.2.3 Confidential.
  • 3.2.4 Secret.
  • 3.2.5 Top Secret.
  • 3.2.6 Compartmented.

Can family members affect security clearance?

Under national security adjudicative guidelines family members or cohabitants living with you who are engaging in criminal activity can pose a risk to your ability to obtain or retain a security clearance.

Does having a security clearance pay more?

Based on survey data, on average, a security clearance generates 10-20% salary premium with higher clearances commanding the largest increases.

Who do they call for security clearance?

The Defense Security Service (DSS) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) have conducted more than 90% of all clearance investigations over the past 35 years.

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What happens to my security clearance when I leave my job?

Put simply, your security clearance “terminates” when you leave your federal job permanently. However, it’s important to understand that when your secret clearance terminates, it doesn’t disappear completely.

How long is Eqip good for?

How Long is a EQIP Contract? The length of an EQIP contract can vary depending on your goals and timeline, but cannot exceed 10 years.

How much is a top secret clearance worth?

Taking into account the intensity of the process, you may be wondering, “How much is a top secret clearance worth?” As reported in January 2021, the average cost of a top secret security clearance was between $3,000 and $15,000, and these costs tend to be paid by the government for its own employees.

What is a Tier 1 security clearance?

Tier 1 is the investigation for positions designated as low-risk, non-sensitive. It is also the minimum level of investigation for a final credentialing determination for physical and logical access.

Can you get fired if security clearance is denied?

Well, technically you’d be laid off but yes, it is possible to lose your job if your clearance is denied.

Are parents interviewed for security clearance?

Relatives are typically not interviewed.

What is a background investigation interview like?

The background investigation will include credit and criminal history checks, records checks to verify citizenship of family members, verification of date of birth, education, employment history, and military history.

What do background investigators ask previous employers?

Specifically, the background check company will ask about positions and titles, dates of employment, job responsibilities, salaries, reason(s) that the candidate left the job, and eligibility for rehire.

What is looked at in a security clearance?

The NAC also consists of a review of FBI fingerprint/criminal history or involvement in FBI investigations, and any other federal agency checks that may be required depending on the applicant’s position. For males, selective service registration is checked.

Can the FBI see my search history incognito?

Believe it or not, your internet searches are never private. Even if you turn on private browsing settings and go the distance to make yourself “incognito” online, law enforcement authorities can still access your search history regardless.

Do secret clearances expire?

When does security clearance lapse? Confidential level clearance, the lowest security threat, is good for 15 years. Secret clearance lasts 10 years. Top Secret clearance must be reinvestigated (reauthorized) every 5 years.

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How many levels of security clearance are there?

How many types or levels of security clearance are there? There are three levels of security clearance: confidential, secret, and top secret.

Can you fail a polygraph when telling the truth?

According to Goodson, some people who are telling the truth can fail polygraph tests by trying too hard to control their body’s responses.

Can you fail a lie detector test if you are nervous?

According to a report from the National Academy of Sciences, “[a] variety of mental and physical factors, such as anxiety about being tested, can affect polygraph results – making the technique susceptible to error.” Unfortunately, once you have failed a government polygraph test, there may be little you can do to …

What jobs can I get with a Top Secret clearance?

Top Secret Clearance jobs

  • Counterintelligence Investigator – Entry Level. National Security Agency.
  • Foreign Service Officer. U.S. Department of State.
  • Sr.
  • BTRP Regional Lead.
  • Language Talent Network.
  • Supervisory Intelligence Operations Specialist.
  • Support Services Specialist.
  • Counterintelligence Support Representative.

Can 2 Companies hold your clearance?

There is no law against working two jobs. But from a clearance standpoint I want to make sure this doesn’t cause a problem. No one company owns the eligibilty.

Can family members affect security clearance?

Under national security adjudicative guidelines family members or cohabitants living with you who are engaging in criminal activity can pose a risk to your ability to obtain or retain a security clearance.

What happens after e-QIP?

After your eQIP account has been initiated, you will receive an email notification from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) containing your eQIP Registration Code (14 characters). You can then access the eQIP website and register.

What is a Level 3 security clearance?

Security Clearance Level 3: Confidential

Confidential security clearance holders have access to material that could be reasonably expected to cause some measurable damage to national security. Most military personnel hold this security clearance level.

What is a t2 position?

Tier 2 – moderate-risk positions, non-critical sensitive positions, and positions requiring access to Confidential, Secret, and Department of Energy (DOE) “L” level information.